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Património Cultural

Search the Intangible Heritage

You will find in MatrizPCI all the intangible heritage expressions that are legally protected by the Portuguese State through their registration in the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage. This database provides access to all the documents in each legal protection procedure, regardless of their format (text, image, video, sound).

The MatrizPCI is also the benchmark Internet resource in Portuguese for intangible heritage, providing legislation, publications, educational content, as well as information on the activities developed by the DGPC, such as training courses.

One of the objectives of the MatrizPCI is to disseminate the UNESCO 2003 Convention at national level. As such, it allows the search, through the same search modalities of the National Inventory database, of all the expressions inscribed on the Lists and Register established by the Convention.  Their translation and publication by the DGPC in the MatrixPCI has been duly authorized by the UNESCO Headquarters.

To access the MatrizPCI, search its databases, as well as access its various resources, click HERE.