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Património Cultural

Themed Itineraries and Inventories

This module draws on research, preservation, enhancement and dissemination of information about sites, typologies or built structures so as to create the conditions for safeguarding and enhancing cultural tourism.

It brings together updated information on a selected number of buildings which, despite having different typological or chronological characteristics, share an unquestionable value in terms of history, heritage and the environment. As well as providing public enjoyment of surrounding buildings and spaces, this module will help create thematic routes.

While new routes are being prepared and disseminated, there is information already available about Alentejo Historic Bridges, Archaeological Itineraries in the Alentejo and Algarve, Cistercian Itineraries, Industrial Heritage and Modern Industrial Architecture. These sites, groups of buildings and buildings of unquestionable historic value have been subject to safeguarding and enhancing actions such as interpretative signage or the publication of user guides. They are located in areas of great landscape and heritage value, thereby encouraging public enjoyment and heritage education. This module should be regarded as a catalyst for local and regional development on account of the diversity of cultural tourism provided.